Police officers learn new methods on University course

17 April 2019

Some of the officers in the room are involved in counter-terrorism initiatives. Others tackle organised crime, or prevention of street violence, or safeguarding domestic abuse victims. All have risen through the ranks despite a good proportion of them having no prior experience of university. ?And now they’re sitting in a lecture theatre at the University of Cambridge embarking on a new apprenticeship degree course at the Institute of Criminology: 60 new apprentices for the Institute's 60th anniversary year.?

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Location of neurons predicting partner’s choices superimposed on a stained section through one animal’s amygdala. Colours indicate different nuclei.

‘Mindreading’ neurons simulate decisions of social partners

12 April 2019

Scientists have identified special types of brain cells that may allow us to simulate the decision-making processes of others, thereby reconstructing their state of mind and predicting their intentions. Dysfunction in these ‘simulation neurons’ may help explain difficulties with social interactions in conditions such as autism and social anxiety.

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Introducing the Gates Cambridge Class of 2019

11 April 2019

Since the first cohort of Gates Cambridge Scholars in 2001, more than 1,600 scholars have been selected from over 100 countries. This year’s cohort of 90 Scholars - the Class of 2019 - includes citizens from 37 different countries and the first scholars from Burundi and Mongolia.

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